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Rock Hop Testimonials

Bonnie May

Dear Gilbert Education Foundation,

Thanks so much for the books awarded through your gracious mini grant. Gilbert Intermediate students will treasure the close to 100 books for a very long time. Thank you so much we will always be grateful for your generosity. To grow intellectually our gifted Gilbert students need challenging books.  These books provided complex plots, carefully developed characters and opportunity to explore topics in depth.  These books spark their imaginations, broaden their horizons and cause them to wonder and question. Thank you again for your thoughtful grant!



Bonnie May

Kindergarten - Deal's Apple Orchard Field Trip

Shelly and I had a wonderful time at Deal's Orchard. The weather was nice, too. The apple tasted great. Shelly especially liked the big slide and talked about it to the family. Thank you so much for planning to go there!

I found their apple cider at Hyvee yesterday, we will definitely try one! ~ Emiko Ockey




Kindergarten - Deal's Apple Orchard Field Trip

We loved it. I had never been to Deals but would go back. Such a nice orchard and it had a real personal/farm feel. ~ Amanda Robinson


Kindergarten - Deal's Apple Orchard Field Trip

The trip had a good balance of learning with playtime. I, personally, liked watching them sort apples and make apple juice. ~ Jamie Melody

Kindergarten - Deal's Apple Orchard Field Trip

I loved being able to take our kids to a place that had a Gilbert connection (the Deal family) as well as spend the day with all of our preschool, KPrep families.           ~Heather Currans

Kindergarten - Deal's Apple Orchard Field Trip

I think the field trip was wonderful as well.  Korben had a great time as well as me and I think the Deals were wonderful host’s. ~Kathryn Wirth

Middle School Club Day - Horseback Riding

This was really fun.  We went on a long trail ride.  I loved it.  


--Katy Schnormeier

Middle School Club Day - Horseback Riding

This was definitely worth doing.  Thanks to the Foundation for funding it.  


--Hannah Crow

Civic Center - 3rd Grade

Here is what some 3rd grade students had to say about their field trip to the Civic Center...

"It was the best field trip ever!"


"I liked how the little boy was making a "Love Luggage" for everyone before the big storm."



Parent comment on field trip.....


"Thanks for exposing the kids to the arts."


National Mississippi River Museum

Thanks for sending us to the Mississippi River Museum. My favorite part was the steamboats, the alligator, and the turtles. Thank you, again.  - Dylan Kepley

National Mississippi River Museum

Dear Foundation,

My favorite part of the trip was when I saw the alligator, because it was huge and very cool to actually see in person.  I also liked the turtles, because some of them were strange, and ones I have never seen before. 


Cooper Hurn.

National Mississippi River Museum


We appreciated that we got to go to the Mississippi River Museum. Our favorite part was the imax 4D theater. Learning a lot about the Mississippi is really helping us on our research papers. Thanks! - Monique Nespor

National Mississippi River Museum


I loved going to the Mississippi Museum/Aquarium. It had so many cool things but my favorite part was the animals in the aquarium. I also like the movies. I even did a research project after going to the Museum. Thank you!



National Mississippi River Museum


Our favorite part was the otters. We watched them play. We liked the turtles. They were fun. We also liked the octopus. I think the 4D theater was the bomb. It shook our backs and sprayed water upon our faces. We had a fun time at the Mississippi River Museum. - JJ & Elijah Stahr


National Mississippi River Museum Field Trip

Thank you for the Field trip to the Mississippi River Museum. Addie's favorite part of the trip was when we went to see the alligator. Jillian's favorite part of the trip was when we went to the ocean area and saw the huge fish and octopus.  We loved the Field Trip.


Addison and Jillian


Art History Student

The Art History Trip to Chicago was very educational and enjoyable. Our trips to various museums in the area created an opportunity for me, and my classmates to learn while having fun. Most importantly, the Art Institute, where we had a remarkable experience viewing many pieces of work we have seen in class, and pieces we will have yet to see in our future studies. We enjoyed our time in Chicago very much. Thank you for this rich opportunity.


Preschool Center Grove Orchard Field Trip

"We are so appreciative of the Gilbert Education Foundation for funding experiences such as field trips for students. The preschoolers were able to visit Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge. Students have opportunities to get real life exposure to concepts introduced in class. The connection that students are able to make when given opportunities to see those concepts at work outside the school walls is something that cannot be measured by a test or given a quantitative value. Thank you for making the education of even our youngest learners a priority for your foundation." - Heather Currans - Pre-School Teacher

1st Grade - Zoo Field Trip

"As a teacher, this is a field trip that teachers, students, and parents enjoy immensely.  I usually have 2 students to every parent.  This gives them a chance to read the signs and talk about the habitat.  Blank Park Zoo is a good size for our 1st graders.  It's not too big, we can easily see it during our time there.  We usually have time to go back and visit our favorites.  Who doesn't enjoy watching the sea lions splashing, the penguins strutting, and this year the new rhino exhibit.  Getting the chance to see animals that are not native to our state or continent, is so important in building background for our students.  Thank you to the Gilbert Education Foundation for making this trip possible for our first graders." - Carrie Clark

Living History Farms Field Trip

Living History Farms provides an amazing learning opportunity where the kids can experience different time periods in Iowa's history.  It's something they won't forget! - Melissa Jones  - 4th grade teacher

Living History Farms Field Trip

This is by far the best field trip fourth graders have the opportunity to go on. They get the opportunity to learn so much about Iowa history in an awesome environment! - Katie Nees - 4th Grade Teacher

Rock Hop

"Participating in the Rock Hop as a buyer is a great way to support the Gilbert Schools while gaining access to fun and unique entertainment opportunities.  We have taken great family vacations and weekend getaways that were purchases at the Rock Hop." - Jay & Cozette Rosburg

"Purchasing a dinner package at the Rock Hop is a great excuse to get together with friends for great food and great fun, for a great cause!" -  Jay & Cozette Rosburg


Rubber Knife Gang Motorcycle Ride

It's an amazing day and tons of fun doing something I typically don't do.  We are fortunate enough to be riding with a group of guys, the Rubber Knife Gang, that make you feel at ease, comfortable and know how to show you a good time! 

The day goes by so fast as you wind your way through Iowa county roads and the scenery is indescribable.  We always try to find a nice fall day and this past year was perfect.  What an amazing way to spend a day with great friends which include the Rubber Knife Gang on the back of a bike!  -  Marcy Nelson

Elms Hotel and Spa Get Away Package

"It was the perfect last minute getaway over Labor Day weekend.  The Elms is a charming and historic, little hotel with an amazing spa.  Our girls enjoyed pedicures and swimming in the pool.  Omar and I enjoyed massages and a facial.  We will definitely go back.  Maybe next time it'll be without the kids :)" - Dhuha Akili


Rubber Knife Gang Motorcycle Ride

Look forward to the ride and spending the day with the Rubber Knife Gang all year!

Never had so much fun doing something that was outside of my comfort zone!

The Rubber Knife Gang men that take us for a ride are so generous and fun to be around. Thanks also to their wives for giving up a beautiful day to ride, so we can!  -  Heather Currans

"Get Your Game On"

"We had 9 ninth grade basketball girls that participated in the clinic.  They loved it!  They all received great tips and attention from varsity basketball coach, Tracy Deal.  It was a great opportunity for this team and would highly recommend it for future players!" - Mark Taylor & Allison Eness

VIP Parking Spot

Out of all of the items we have purchased over the last several Rock Hops - my favorite by far is the VIP parking spot!!  I go to tons of sctivities at the school and it was wonderful to always have my "SPOT". Even oldest sone started to drive himself to school and although I "lost" my parking space to him, it is wonderful to drive by the school and know right where he is :)  - Tara Hatfield

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

"St.Louis Cardinals weekend getaway - This was a FANTASTIC trip.  The hotel was great and just a short walk from Busch Stadium.  The stadium was beautiful.  The seats we had were incredible.  We sat right on the first baaseline and to top it all off the Cardinals won!  I would bid on this package every year!"  - Mark Taylor & Allison Eness

Cyclone Football Proud....At the Bergstrom

Coach Rhoads and his players put on a terrific camp for our boys!  The boys met and worked with players on an individual basis, and as a team.  The players who worked with the guys were so friendly and fun.  It is not everyday you have an opportunity to have that close of an experience with a D1 football team and coach!  It was truly a day that our boys will always remember!  Coach Rhoads and his players are such a class act! - Mark and Nancy Doyle

Rubber Knife Gang Motorcycle Ride

I look forward to riding with the Rubber Knife Gang all year!  They are a really fun, adventurous, great group of guys!  We love going every year!  -  Betsy Waite

Sightseeing in Sunny Sante Fe

Our trip to Santa Fe was terrific!  You might think that you would go in the winter, but peak time really is in the summer.  We went the last week of July and golfed, hiked, went horseback riding and enjoyed white water rafting.  The weather was wonderful, and the restaurants were great.  The condo we stayed in was in a good location and very spacious. It easily accommodated all 7 of us.  We would definitely go back to Santa Fe! - Mark and Nancy Doyle

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

" This was a dream come true.  We had the most beautiful hot air balloon ride I could imagine!  Our pilot, Al Appenzeller was charming and fun.  The view was gorgeous and both my husband and I would love to do it again!  Package also included a lovely trip to the winery."  - Mark Taylor & Allison Eness

A Day on Clear Lake

"We bid on the "Day at the Lake" package as a gift for my mother and her husband.  Steve Risdal provided a wonderful weekend for them.  They loved spending time on Steve's boat, and they really enjoyed getting to know Steve. The stay at the hotel was a highlight; it is the only that we know of that is right on the water in Clear Lake.  We would highly recommend this package to anyone interested in a relaxing, no hassel weekend on Clear Lake."  - Jamie Weydert

VIP Football Package

"We had a great time, what a wonderful atmosphere with great food and amazing access to the game!  It was a very special day with good friends and family."  - Tyler Holck & Gayle Brown

"Take the Stress out of Christmas"

We purchased the auction package "Take the Stress out of Christmas" and it was wonderful.  American Turf decorated the exterior of our home with beautiful Christmas lights and the talented Shelly Billings created a gorgeous custom centerpiece for our dining room table.  Our kids loved it too! - Gale and Ryan Gehling

"Graduation Made Easy"

"Last year I purchased the graduation package with all the services needed to host a graduation party, even though I didn't have a graduate :). It was a great opportunity to make some decorating and landscaping updates.  Supporting the Rock Hop is a win - win! - Jay & Cozette Rosburg

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