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Endowment Gift

Endowment Donations Help Support the Future:


Donors have the option of giving to our future.  Gilbert Education Foundation can offer you the opportunity to receive an Endow Iowa tax credit through a gift to our fund established through the Story County Community Foundation. The Story County Community Foundation (SCCF) is a nonprofit public charity created by generous local citizens. It builds permanent charitable funds called endowments. Each endowment distributes a portion of its earning annually in perpetuity--forever--to support a charitable purpose. Donations may be made to funds which address community needs and reflect a donor's interests and personal philanthropic goals. The SCCF acts as a broad umbrella, sheltering many separate funds, including two funds set aside for the Gilbert Community School District via Gilbert Education Foundation. 


Gilbert Education Foundation Agency Fund (no Endow Iowa tax credit)  To contribute to this fund, click here

Gilbert Education Foundation Endowment  To contribute to this fund, click here

In an effort to build up endowment funds 20% of dollars that are received via fund raising will be invested in the foundations endowment accounts. If you have questions please contact Cherie Torresi gef@gilbert.k12.ia.us


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