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Secure Your Legacy

Establishing your own named charitable fund does not require great wealth, and it isn’t complicated. You can easily distribute gifts during your lifetime or leave a lasting legacy – or both.

The Gilbert Education Foundation can help you make scholarships possible for graduates of Gilbert Community School District. The Foundation accepts contributions and memorials, invests the funds, and distributes the scholarships in accordance with the donor’s request.  A one time scholarship can also be set up if desired.  For more information on creating a new scholarship, please contact Cherie Torresi, Foundation Development Consultant, at 515-708-5001 or

The Foundation holds several funds to assist Gilbert students and honor the memory of donors, including the following.  Click on the name below to see more information about the scholarship.

Marge Bly     Grandma Jensen   Musgrove Ag     New Horizons  

Cory Keith Patterson     Steve Romsey      V.L. Schwenk     Clare E. Shephard     Doug Williams    

Nancy Peterson     Chris Covell         Lindsay Ellingson

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