Gilbert, Iowa Education Foundation

                                                                                                       Science Center

                                                                                                           7th Grade I-Cubs Game

                                                                                               First Grade Zoo Trip

                                                                Limo Rides at the Intermediate School - Major Saver Cards

                                                                               Limo Rides for Middle School - Major Saver Cards

                                            Construction of Name Brick Patio

                                                                 Preschool Field Trip

                                                               Chrome Book Lab

                                                                        Students enjoying learning on an iPad.

                                                             Laptops are supported by the Gilbert Education Foundation.

                                      Name Brick Patio  - Eagle Scout Project

                                                                         Middle School Club Day Horse Back Riding

                                                                       Community Garden

                                                                                      Center Grove Field Trip

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The Gilbert Education Foundation is committed to educational excellence and is dedicated to enhancing, enriching, and supporting the quality of educational programs in the Gilbert Community School District.  Our email address:

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The Gilbert Education Foundation appreciates the generous support of friends, alumni, and supporters of the Gilbert Community School District. We are here to help you with all aspects of your giving experience. If you have questions about becoming a donor that have not yet been answered, please contact

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