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Mission, History & Goals

Mission Statement

The Gilbert Education Foundation is dedicated to enhancing, enriching, and supporting the quality of educational programs in the Gilbert Community School District.


The Gilbert Education Foundation is committed to educational excellence for every student in the Gilbert Community School District, both today and in the future.  As a non-profit organization, 501 (c) (3), the Foundation raises funds to bridge the gap created by insufficient government funding to our public school.  These funds provide essential programs, materials and equipment to promote an exemplary education for every student.

The Foundation was established in 1993, with the first Rock Hop being in 1999, by a group of people who had an incredible vision.  At that time education costs continued to increase but state funds failed to keep pace.  So, they decided to develop a foundation that could raise money to help offset some of those costs.

Over a decade later, education costs continue to rise and state funding continues to decline.  The Gilbert Community School District continues to assume greater responsibility for funding existing successful programs and for supporting the development of innovative new ones.  That is why the work of the Gilbert Education Foundation and Rock Hop Committees is needed now more than ever.

The goal is to touch the lives of as many students in this district as possible, by funding classroom and educational needs.   The Foundation has raised over 2 million dollars.   Of the money raised each year, eighty percent goes back into the schools and twenty percent goes into an endowment.  We have purchased many, many items for the schools, including laptops, iPads, and chrome books, literacy materials for our libraries,  cameras for photography class, E-Readers, science materials, just to name a few. Funding is also provided for all the district wide field trips, middle school club activities, mini grants for teachers, speakers for school assemblies, and Business Horizons.

The Gilbert Education Foundation is only successful through the generous support of friends, alumni, and supporters of the Gilbert Community School District.  To continue our legacy of enhancing quality education for all, we continue to need your help.  Your commitment of time, talents, and financial resources will help to carry out our mission.  We thank you for your past and future support of the Gilbert Community School District.

Goal of the Gilbert Education Foundation

  • Provide the opportunity to make tax-deductible contributions, memorial gifts, and other donations in recognition and support of the Gilbert Community School District.
  • Encourage academic excellence in the Gilbert Community School District by providing funding not available through traditional local, state, or federal sources.
  • Provide opportunities for teachers and staff to develop innovative projects through grants.
  • Develop a network of former Gilbert students to encourage their continued interest in and support of Gilbert Community School District.
  • Seek and cultivate private and corporate funding sources.


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