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Thank You to all the alumni who played in the pep band on February 12th. 

Our annual Homecoming Alumni Welcome Booth was a HUGE success. Thank you to all the Gilbert Grads who stopped by and put their name in the raffle.  The raffle was won by Craig Hinson, class of 1975!










Personalized Name Brick Campaign - Thank you to all that purchased a name brick for the new patio at the high school.  We had a great response and the patio looks great.  Please stop by and see it! 


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Tell Us Your Gilbert Story:

  • I had so much fun being a football & basketball manager.  I also enjoyed soccer, wrestling, & being a member of FFA, G Club, and History Club. - Submitted by Shane Ellis - 2007 Grad


  • I would say my favorite compilation of stories and overall cherished experience was our trip to Spain.  That was 10 days of my life I would relive time and time again, and I’ve never had so little sleep but so much fun in my life.  Another favorite of mine is when we went to the State Capitol building for Government class.  I think it was Brad Jensen, Albert Ahn and I that were left at the capitol.  The bus actually left, and we were not on it.  After a few minutes of walking around the front lawn, wondering what was going on, the bus came back and the look on Mrs. Peterson’s face was priceless when she ran out the door.  Not sure how we escaped the headcount, but we did! - Submitted by Nate Bock - 2003 Grad


  • As a teacher, I often reflect upon how incredible a start Gilbert gave me. We had the most skilled teachers who always inspired excellence, convinced me that I could accomplish more than I never thought possible, many of which I remain close, and some of which also knew my Mom as a GHS student. In addition, I feel positively influenced by my classmates who encouraged me in ways I will always be grateful. Gilbert is a town that will always remain close to my heart and one I visit with pride watching my nieces Katy and Mollie grow. Submitted by Julie Sauerberg - 1997 Grad


  • I loved everything about going to Gilbert. I had great teachers, great experiences with sports and extra curricular activities. I loved homecoming and doing the lip sync every year. I loved Gilbert so much I thought it was great when I became a teacher at Gilbert upon graduating from Iowa State. I still coach baseball to this day and enjoy following everything Gilbert related. Submitted by: Andrew Murdoch -1997 Grad


·         Gilbert Schools set the foundation for my life. The small class size & teaching staff were more like family then classmates. We knew what was going on in everyones lives & where everyone lived. Not only did you care about your own classmates but you usually knew everyone in the grades above & below you. I still consider everyone associated with Gilbert itself, family. Submitted by: Tammy (McClure) Lauri - 1984 Grad


·         My family moved to the Gilbert school district when I was a sophomore in high school. I was not happy about the move and couldn't believe our parents would let us attend a small school in the middle of a corn field:) Attending Gilbert turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. I was able to participate in activities I probably wouldn't have at my previous school in MN (large HS). I actually loved the "smallness" of Gilbert. My best memories are of Homecoming week. We built floats, played powderpuff football, and didn't find out who the Homecoming king and queen were until halftime of the football game! I met my husband at Gilbert and our own children also attended Gilbert. I have nieces and nephews who have or are attending Gilbert. I remember my parents telling us that the realtors encouraged them to buy a house in the Ames school district because of the great schools. I am so glad my parents chose Gilbert! Submitted by:  Mary (Thielen) Clark - 1980 Grad







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